It is a traditional flavoured soda drink that was well known in the GCC countries before any of the current soda drinks such as Crush, Pepsi, and Coca Cola…etc. It is considered as the first soda drink in the GCC countries dated back to the 1920’s, and United Kingdom is considered as its Home Town.

The word Namlet originally came from the word Lemonade, and then it was changed to the word Namlet according to the local accent.

The most common Namlet drink is called Namlet Butilah which was filled in special bottles that had unique covers and also a very special way to open this drink.

The local people in the GCC were able to drink cold Namlet during the summer, by keeping them in wells, as there were no refrigerators then. The bottles were immersed in wells by using special ropes and so that the drink could be pulled up whenever they wish drink it. However winters then were cold enough to keep the drink cold.

Other Names

The Namlet was also named by some other names such as Butilah, and Tash Ma Tash.

Tash Ma Tash

This was a very old game which was named after the unique way of opening the Namlet Bottles that the kids used to play.

How to make Namlet

This drink comes in different flavours and colours, and what makes this drink very unique drink is its bottles and the special way to open it. This drink is filled manually by placing the bottle on a special machine which is attached to a steam machine to fill with soda.

This machine can take only 3 bottles at one time, and takes 5 minutes to fill each time that is why the production of the Namlet was very limited back then. It was also considered expensive comparing to the other drinks, and only the wealthy people could afford to have this traditional drink. The normal people used to drink the Namlet for special occasions and during Eid celebrations only.

Namlet is Back in UAE

Although this traditional drink had disappeared from the local market, Mr. Hamad Hareb decided to bring it back to life again and started producing it so as to recall this traditional drink that has a lot of beautiful memories attached to the past.

Mr. Hamad Hareb is considered as one of the pioneer producers of this traditional drink in the UAE, and they have been doing this for the past 8 years. Our restaurants provide this traditional drink to its customers in 5 different flavours such as: Lemon, Orange, Rose, Grenadine, Jallab, and make sure that it is provided fresh at all times.

Moreover Al Dahleez Services also do a lot of catering for this traditional product for different local and international events in UAE due to the demand for this heritage drink from different sectors.

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