Al Bandar Restaurant - Established in June 1997    (click to expand)

To achieve exceptional excellence that caters to the needs of an increasingly diverse multicultural society.

Dubai was once a small fishing port, full of the hustle and bustle of fishing and the fish trade. This heritage is being kept very much alive by Al Bandar Restaurant with its exquisite selection of seafood dishes. With picturesque creek-side views from the outdoor terrace, Al Bandar offers not only the finest fish and seafood dishes throughout Dubai, but an enviable environment to match.

Al Bandar is the only seafood restaurant in Dubai that allows you to choose your seafood from the fresh daily catches displayed in it, or to take your pick from the popular A La Carte menu. Whatever your requirements are for an enjoyable experience, our multi-lingual staff will be on hand to assist you – wherever you’re from in the world. Al Bandar situated in the Shindaga Heritage Village overlooking the waters of Dubai Creek. Open from 12 noon to 1am, Al Bandar can accommodate up to 200 valued diners, 100 inside and 405 outside, whether you’re visiting for a romantic meal for two, or a lively party of more than 10.

Kan Zaman Restaurant - Established in December 1997    (click to expand)

Stepping into Kan Zaman is like taking a journey to visit traditional Arab culture and heritage as it once was, with a modern twist. Attracting guests from all over the globe, Kan Zaman steadfastly continues to attract a range of patrons, who come from near and far to taste the renowned Arab food first hand.

Serving all who grace our doors, Kan Zaman in special meat grills, other Lebanese, Iranian, Oriental, Western and local specialties as well as a choice of desserts, fresh juices and beverage. Kan Zaman also focuses in offering festive celebrations, be it a special birthday, business meeting for impressing that all-important client, New Year, Ramadan, Eid or Christmas function, we can cater to all tastes and requirements.

Is also situated in idyllic spot within the Al Shindaga Heritage Village, Kan Zaman was the traditional house of the family, passed from generations of their forefathers. Open from 12 noon to 2 am, Kan Zaman can seat up to 570 people, 44 inside and 526 outside, equipped to host large groups of people, the restaurant can be booked for birthdays, weddings, corporate functions and other events.

Al Makan Restaurant - Established in August 2004    (click to expand)

The main entrance of Madinat Jumeirah forms the perfect setting for Al Makan – where heritage meets the needs of modern life. All paths within the covered souk lead to Al Makan, where a traditional greeting with open arms is readily available for each and every valued guest. Why not relax with a traditional Shisha, overlooking the magnificent Jumeirah Amphitheatre.

Views of the spectacular Burj Al Arab and the quiet waters of the Madinat Jumeirah canal with its boats silently gliding past, that creates the perfect backdrop for any visitor to Al Makan. Whether you’re with family and friends or looking for a romantic meal for two, Al Makan offers soft lighting and accompanying music, to ensure your experience is perfect in every way.

Set within pleasant walking distance from the Al Qasr and Mina A’Salam hotels, Al Makan can accommodate upto 70 indoor and 125 outdoor seating shared space of the mall – with both smoking and non-smoking areas –wanting to absorb the amazing scenery. Visit us at your leisure for lunch and dinner from 12pm to 1am (12.30am last food order) and until 2am at the weekends.


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